Information for College Admission Representatives

Scheduling a Visit

Our office has transitioned to scheduling all of our college visits through the Scoir site. If you will be in our area and would like to schedule a visit, click here to select your preferred time.

Should you have any questions, please contact:

Priyanka Singh
Associate Director of College
Counseling and Academic Guidance
(323) 315-5874

Directions & Parking Information

Please be aware that all visitors will be required to provide a photo ID and go through security before being allowed to park on campus. For questions regarding entering the school and for visitor instructions, click here!

What to Expect Once on Campus

Once you are on campus, proceed to our main school entrance where either Eli or Priyanka will meet you and take you to our College Guidance Suite. Our typical visits span approximately 45 minutes (for the presentation and Q&A session) and if your schedule permits, we would love to sit down for a few minutes to discuss any new and exciting updates pertaining to your school! 

Curriculum at Shalhevet


Shalhevet Advanced Studies (SAS) and AP courses


Like many other independent schools across the nation, Shalhevet's independently-designed, advanced courses focus on critical thinking, conceptual understanding, and student engagement with the material. These innovative courses allow Shalhevet to offer a more diverse and interdisciplinary portfolio of rigorous courses, while allowing students and teachers to explore subject matter in great depth. We have mostly transitioned from an AP curriculum to our own SAS curriculum. Our most talented students typically take a total of seven SAS and/or AP courses, three courses junior year and four courses senior year.


Dual Curriculum


Shalhevet High School provides a dual educational program of General Studies and Judaic Studies that is intense and challenging for every student. The school day begins at 8:00am and concludes at 4:35pm. Students are enrolled in eight or nine academic courses each semester, and attend prayer services twice daily. Most students participate in demanding co-curricular activities, which further extend the length of their day. Requirements meet the California Common Core Standards and accreditation from Western Association of Schools and Colleges and Bureau of Jewish Education of Greater Los Angeles.


Judaic Studies at Shalhevet


Shalhevet’s approach to Judaic Studies focuses on the richness and relevance of tradition and encourages students to ask big questions about philosophical and theological issues of our day. The curriculum was developed from the ground up, implemented at all grade levels, digitized and awarded several prestigious national grants. To date, eight other Jewish high schools around the world have adopted this curriculum as well. For a list of UC-approved courses at Shalhevet, please click here.

Town Hall at Shalhevet

The Arts at Shalhevet


Teachers at Shalhevet

Eli Shavalian
Director of College Counseling and Academic Guidance
(323) 315-5873
Priyanka Singh
Associate Director of College Counseling and Academic Guidance
(323) 315-5874