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Dear Parents, Alumni and Friends,
Shalhevet is unlike any other school in the country. Walk the halls or enter our classrooms - you will feel a palpable energy generated by inquisitive and empowered students enjoying thoughtful discourse with their teachers and classmates. Our dedicated faculty strives to challenge the students to think clearly and creatively and to act with integrity and compassion. Unique to Shalhevet is our emphasis on moral development and our Just Community, which offers students the opportunity to participate in a democratic society. This helps teach our children to talk about critical concepts such as justice, freedom, truth and responsibility. Most schools shy away from confronting these difficult questions - we address them directly and educate the entire child.
In addition, Shalhevet offers an astounding array of programs and activities – everything from first-rate drama to championship sports to award-winning journalism. All this in a Modern Orthodox, co-ed environment where we are living Torah values, stimulating Torah learning and developing a love of, and commitment to, the State of Israel. We train our young people to dream, to aspire to be more and to do more, and to matter in the world. Most importantly, we give them the tools and experiences to recognize their inner leader.
Shalhevet: More Than a School
Rabbi David Block
Head of School