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We are profoundly excited to announce The Shalhevet Institute’s programming for the upcoming academic year. With a mix of classical learning, engaging community discourse, and partnerships with several Los Angeles Jewish institutions, The Shalhevet Institute is proud to offer an enriching array of learning opportunities that will continue to challenge, inspire, and strengthen our commitment to the Jewish people.
The purpose of The Shalhevet Institute is to add an important layer to the Los Angeles Jewish educational landscape that helps further promote higher Jewish Learning in our community. As we continue to develop our individual and communal religious identity, the contemporary challenges of faith, tradition, and ritual compel us to further summon and explore the wisdom of Jewish literature. Through greater knowledge we acquire the shared language and vocabulary to resolve our difficulties and embrace our shared practices.
Additionally, it is our belief that Jewish unity and togetherness can best be achieved through the prism of shared texts and deep learning. We hope to cultivate a space that celebrates the unity of difference within our community and substantively engages in study and dialogue. Our classes and events are open to all with the dual mission of fostering intellectual growth and bridging our social divides.
As you peruse our programming, I hope that you will be excited by the potential to explore new ideas and thoughts, while utilizing Jewish texts and meaningful dialogue to strengthen friendships and community.
On behalf of the entire Shalhevet Institute faculty, we look forward to learning together this year.

Rabbi Ari Schwarzberg

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