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Teaching our children is a crucial part of Jewish practice, but no holiday incorporates this idea as fully as Pesach. In many ways, the entire Seder is an educational exercise, as we initiate younger generations into the tragedies and triumphs of Jewish history, as epitomized by Yetziat Mitzrayim. We teach through songs and stories, questions and answers, the sad tang of saltwater and the sweet crunch of matzah.
At Shalhevet, we believe that this kind of multi-dimensional education goes well beyond the eight days of Pesach—it’s what we do on a daily basis. More than that, our educational mission transcends the classroom itself. As educators, we’re committed to sharing our Torah not only within the daled amos of our campus, but to the community at large. To that end, our parent body joins us o en at lectures and debates, and the Shalhevet Institute challenges our entire community to contemplate subjects in Torah, and its application in our modern lives. We believe in inspiring deep thought and important conversation, evaluating many perspectives, and emerging with deeper knowledge and respect for our fellow Jews and citizens of the world.
Now, we are thrilled to introduce a new initiative that will serve as yet another embodiment of that wider mission: Orot, a pamphlet packed with divrei Torah by our amazing faculty at Shalhevet. In Orot, we hope to not just provide you with a few wise words for the upcoming holiday, but to equip you with ways to bring the Shalhevet philosophy of engagement and respect to each moment of chag.
Shalhevet’s unique environment encourages robust debate and an urge for learning that comes from within, one shared by teachers and students alike. Our Torah faculty at Shalhevet have been inspired in their contributions to Orot by the passion and engagement of our wonderful students, and we hope these thought-provoking pieces enrich your seder night and Pesach holiday.
One more note: Make sure to check out Kol Hanearim, another fantastic Torah compendium that is a joint publication of several day schools across the country. This edition features our very own Tali Schlacht!
Wishing you and your family a chag kasher v’sameach,
Rabbi Ari Segal