College Counseling and Academic Guidance

Shalhevet’s College Counseling program integrates the unique pedagogy of the school with the college application process. We do not simply measure the success of a college application by a letter of admission from a prestigious college. We encourage students to take ownership of the process and recognize that this is a time of great maturity and personal growth. We look to help each student find the best fit in a potential college – academically, socially and Jewishly.


Throughout high school, with emphasis on junior and senior year, we help students explore and identify their priorities and values, and teach them crucial research, time management and decision making skills, ensuring our graduates grow into responsible young adults once they arrive on the campus of their choice. We support this by helping students to assess their goals and investigate universities that best meet their individual needs.


College Counseling begins informally as students transition to the rigor of high school coursework and become comfortable with the challenges entailed. We work closely with students to guide them academically throughout high school, choosing appropriate courses and teaching them how to strive for balance in their lives, academically and co-curricularly. In their junior year, students begin to meet formally with Mr. Jordan Moss and Ms. Priyanka Singh who guide students through the college process step-by-step. Jordan and Priyanka also meets with students and parents individually and in small groups to answer questions about the college application process and to discuss plans and goals post-high school.


For more information, feel free to contact our counselors:

Mr. Jordan Moss

Director of College Counseling and Academic Guidance

[email protected]

Ms. Priyanka Singh

Associate Director of College Counseling and Academic Guidance

[email protected]


Colleges to which Shalhevet students have been admitted (Classes 2018-22):

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