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COVID-19 Plan

Glouberman Basketball Tournament 2021 - COVID Plan

As our community continues to navigate the shifting tides of COVID-19, we are excited at the chance to offer our students an opportunity to return to a bit of normalcy from their pre-COVID lives.  A national basketball tournament among Yeshiva day schools will provide them their much-missed chances at playing the game they love, in a safe environment while reconnecting with their national Modern Orthodox social network. 
Our guiding principle is maximizing as much athletic and social interaction as possible while maintaining utmost health and safety precautions for our students, coaches, and staff. 
The Glouberman Medical Task Force will consist of physicians from across the country who have been advising their own communities tirelessly over the course of the past year.  We are grateful for their participation in this endeavor. 
The Glouberman tournament for 2021 will consist of teams coming together from across the country.  To make this happen, the following guidelines will be implemented:
  • Testing prior to travel
    • All participants must submit a negative PCR test result or a positive test result for COVID in the last 90 days from travel.
    • Two PCR tests must be taken - 7 days prior to travel and 1 day prior to travel.
  • All participants will quarantine at home from when the PCR test was taken for 7 days until they travel for the tournament.  We expect the following during this quarantine period:
    • Participants must stay home as much as possible however, they will be allowed to go to school and shul or other shul-like gatherings if shul is not operating as usual.
    • Participants must wear face coverings and adhere to social distancing guidelines when in public, including at school and shul and other shul-like gatherings.
    • Participants may not be in any group greater than 10 people outside of when they are in school.
  • Upon arrival at the ranch location, all participants will undergo a rapid antigen test.  A negative result will be required prior to being allowed entry (In addition to the negative PCR test).
  • The quarantine and testing protocol does not apply for those participants who have tested positive for COVID in the past 90 days OR at least two weeks have passed since their second vaccination (or first if Johnson and Johnson).


Tournament rules
  • All participants must submit a daily health screening every morning via text message
  • Temperatures of all participants will be taken every morning and evening
  • Teams will be participating in the following things as a unit, and not mixed with other teams:
    • Sleeping arrangements - the location consists of rooms and bunkhouses and the teams will be housed together as a unit
    • Meals - Meals will be pre-packaged meals and teams will be seated together as a unit for meals.
    • Davening - each team will have their own davening space assigned to them
  • All participants must wear face coverings and maintain social distancing at all times when not playing a tournament game or practicing for a game.
  • Each team will be allowed to bring 1 adult per 3 students (this includes managers, coaches, and chaperones).
  • The tournament is only open to participants and tournament staff -- no outside guests or family members will be allowed entry.  The games will be broadcast live, and they will be spectator-free.
  • We will be maximizing activities in outdoor space as much as possible.
  • Referees will follow local guidelines in determining whether to wear masks during games and will produce daily negative PCR tests.  
Contingency Plans
  • If a symptomatic participant presents, the Medical Task Force will be notified immediately. The participant will be taken to an isolation room reserved for this purpose.  The individual will undergo a rapid antigen onsite and a PCR test and isolate until the PCR results return.
  • If the symptomatic participant tests negative on the rapid, he/she will stay isolated from their team awaiting the PCR result.
    • The rest of the team will be able to continue playing in the tournament but must play games with face coverings on and any opposing team of this team must wear face coverings during play as well.
  • A positive test result (rapid or PCR) for a participant will result in that participant’s team immediately going into quarantine at the facility.
    • There is trip interruption insurance available for such a contingency
    • Options to return home
      • Continued isolation and quarantine as necessary at the ranch or other hotel with parent/chaperone
      • Charter bus for team to return home