Torat Shalhevet

Torat Shalhevet, our adult learning initiative, aims to share Shalhevet’s unique Torah with the broader community – parents, alumni and friends of the school – and to invite the community to join in the incredible Torah conversations that animate our school. Each month, Torat Shalhevet hosts an ‘Erev Iyyun’ led by a member of our Judaic faculty. Ms. Malka Popper teaches a weekly “Coffee & Conversation” series on Parshat HaShavua and Rabbi Gabe Falk teaches a weekly shiur as well. Over the course of the year, Torat Shalhevet brings the community together for special events, chagim and guest speakers. Our hope is to continue building the Shalhevet community around the core values of Talmud Torah and Ahavat HaTorah. 

If you would like to learn more about the project, reach out to our Director of Torat Shalhevet, Rabbi Gabe Falk at  [email protected]

Past Events