College Counseling and Academic Guidance

Shalhevet High School’s college counseling office provides a student-centered approach to the post-secondary planning process. Our office encourages students to take responsibility for their own search by empowering them to strengthen their sense of self. We intend to help each student find their best college fit in terms of academic, social, and Jewish life.


Prior to junior year, underclassmen engage in the necessary scaffolding to optimize their Shalhevet academic and extracurricular experience. During junior year, students begin our formal college counseling curriculum in order to make the process more manageable. Students attend classes, workshops, and events to help them become their best advocate, before submitting college applications. Our programming inspires upperclassmen to think introspectively and identify values and criteria relevant to their post-secondary plans. 


We offer family and one-on-one counseling to ensure that students feel heard and supported throughout the college process. As educators, it thrills us to see that our students leave Shalhevet having learned something new about themselves during the application season, and having made their future path one that truly excites them.

Jordan Moss
Jordan Moss
Director of College Counseling and Academic Guidance 
[email protected]
(323) 988-2144
Camille Bradshaw
Associate Director of College Counseling and Academic Guidance 
[email protected]
(323) 571-0873