Tuition & Fees


Tuition & Fees for 2019-2020


Application Fee (non-refundable) for incoming 9th grade






Security Fee 


Poland-Israel Experience Deposit*


PTA Fee*  $125

Endowment Fund*



9th grade supplemental fee: $1,220
10th grade supplemental fee: $1,336
11th grade supplemental fee: $1,396
12th grade supplemental fee: $1,610

Understanding the desire to know the cost of the schoolwide and grade-specific trips, as well as various fees, at the start of the year rather than as they come up, we have calculated a supplemental fee (see above) that is grade specific which includes the grade and/or all school Shabbaton, the grade-specific Chesed trip, the co-curricular supply fee, technology fee, the PSAT, graduation fee for seniors and Hebrew and Lahav textbooks. You will not be asked to pay any additional monies throughout the year for these programs.
*These fees are optional

Note, additional expenses may include textbooks, kosher lunch option, athletic team fees, Annual Campaign and other fundraising events, etc.