Student Activities

At Shalhevet, Student Activities are an essential complement to the academics that occur inside the classroom. From our school-wide Onegei Shabbat to our grade trips, and from our Chaggigot to our Shabbatonim, these programs blend the educational, religious and social goals of the school, stressing the importance of leadership, initiative, warmth, camaraderie and Ru’ach.

Beyond guiding our students in their pursuit of academic success, the faculty and staff at Shalhevet also work to cultivate our students’ religious, emotional and social development. Through student programming and activities, students are immersed in opportunities for learning well beyond traditional classroom education. The unique nature of these programs is enhanced by the students’ integral role in the planning and implementation process.

Educational programs are crafted to foster critical thinking and a greater connection to their Jewish identities. Social Action Programs such as our Chesed Society and AIPAC (American Israel Political Action Committee) empower the Shalhevet students to impact and improve the world as well as develop the skills necessary to be leaders and activists on the college campus and later in their communities.