Alumni Association

Dear Shalhevet Alumni, 

It is our pleasure to welcome you to the official Alumni Network of Shalhevet High School! We look forward to reconnecting with you and your families, sharing memories of the past, and celebrating the exciting present and vibrant future of the school. The legacy you left behind has enabled Shalhevet to become a model of education throughout the country. The history and tradition of Shalhevet, built on a Just Community, promoting a Torah lifestyle and a love of Israel, and encouraging the Student Voice, remains true and guides us in everything we do. 

We would love to stay in touch please click here to share your information you can also join the Shalhevet High School Alumni Facebook group for the latest Alumni updates.

If you would like copies of your transcripts please email Lili Einalhori at [email protected]

On behalf of Shalhevet High School, we invite you to come around any time, whether at a visit to our new state of the art facility or at an upcoming Alumni event. You are part of the family, and we can’t wait to welcome you back.