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Israel Guidance

As a school that prides itself on religious Zionism, Torah study and “Torah action” we believe that the post high school year learning in Israel is the natural extension of the Shalhevet School experience. The values we teach at Shalhevet should be solidified and realized in this amazing and formative year, an ideal transition between high school and university. As Rabbi Haskel Lookstein of Ramaz High School is known to say, the Jewish high school in America is really a five year program, with the fifth year being one of learning and living in Medinat Yisrael.

At Shalhevet High School, we realize that the year in Israel may not be for every one of our students. Nevertheless, we think it is important that each of our students at least considers this option. As the Israel guidance counselors, we are excited to work hard with every student to find the program or yeshiva that best suits the particular seniors’ needs. Yoetzet Atara Segal will primarily work with the girls and Rabbi Yagil Tsaidi will work primarily with the boys.

In addition to meeting with the students, we also encourage the parents to involve themselves in the process. Parents are invited to call and request a meeting with either Rabbi Tsaidi or Atara by email or phone.

Israel Guidance appointments will begin immediately at the start of the school year. We look forward to working with you!

Yoetzet Atara Segal
Rabbi Yagil Tsaidi